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(e)Iona - electric camper conversion

 Price from £14,470 inc VAT



(e)Iona conversion includes:

- 5x windows - 1x opening window behind driver, sliding door fixed, passenger side rear window, barn door windows

- window curtains,

- sound deadening, insulation, ply and van carpet lining

- Altro flooring in solid colour or wood effect

- electric system with DC-DC charger, 230Vhook up, AC-DC charger, 110Amp leisure battery, 12V and 230V fuse boxes, LED lights, 2x USB sockets, lighter socket, 230V socket.

- Fabworx M1 tested Rock&Roll bed

- side furniture with bed boards

- Dometic sink and hob, water bottles, plumbing

- gas installation with gas safety certificate

- Vitrifrigo C39i compressor fridge,

 - 360W solar panels with MPPT controller

- 100Amp Life4Po Lithium Iron leisure battery

Optional extras:

- pop top roof with bed kit offering ample space

- gas heater

- front seats reupholstery

- seat swivel/change for passenger single swivel

- We also offer system with NO GAS installation. We fit Victron power management system, 2x200Amp leisure batteries, 2000W sin wave power inverter, 300W electric heater. 


We carried out the above conversions on new Citroen eDispatch/Peugeot eExpert/Vauxhall eVivaro but we also can convert other vans.

The aim was to cut to minimum charging leisure battery from the car when driving as it will cut the van range. We fit 360W solar panels with MPPT controller and Renogy or Victron power system for high efficiency.


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