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Sequoia 3 table leg set, 71cm tall

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Sequoia 3 table leg system

In our opinion the best way for fitting a table into your campervan or motorhome. Very stable when in use, easy to put away when not in use, with no need for a floor hole for fitting.

The Sequoia table leg system is 71 cm high once assembled (fixings (screws) not included)


  • The floor base part is a 7” coated cast aluminium piece surface mount that screws onto the floor so there's no need to drill a big hole in your campervan floor
  • The 27 inch post is produced in anodised aluminium. It has a 2 inch diameter and locks into the floor base and table top with a twist and screw down collar to provide a secure and stable fit
  • A plastic floor base cap is included for when your table is not in use

Set includes:

  • The floor base part
  • Floor base cap
  • Sequoia 71cm leg
  • Table fitting base part

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